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Poly Laundry Trucks and Carts

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Polyethylene Laundry Baskets, Laundry Carts, and Laundry Trucks

These smooth and seamless polyethylene laundry trucks and laundry cart liners are available in different colors and thicknesses, easy to clean and made with FDA compliant resins. They are often used in industrial laundries, restaurants and food/beverage suppliers, construction/demolition sites, hospitals / healthcare facilities, cruise ships, waste management and all purpose bulk handling, and will stand up to long-term use and abuse.

Our high quality canvas, VCN vinyl-coated-nylon, and polyethylene baskets, trucks, hampers, buggies, bins and canvas bags are used by prison laundries nationwide. Our canvas trucks, canvas hampers, polyethylene trucks, and polyethylene hampers are a reliable solution to materials handling needs for federal and state prisons, county jails, community corrections centers, and other detention facilities using Bureau of Prisons guidelines. We sell to correctional facilities and institutions across the United States; please contact our sales department to receive a quantity-based quote for your facility, including quotes on the following:

• Polyethylene square linen trucks
• Polyethylene tilt dump trucks
• Polyethylene elevated truck
• Poly utility trucks
• Poly max utility trucks
• Poly flare trucks
• Poly extractor trucks
• Poly linen transport trucks
• Poly turnabout trucks
• Poly garment delivery trucks
• Poly square linen trucks
• Poly tilt dump trucks
• Poly elevated truck
• Polyethylene basket liner 
• Hospital type liner truck 
• Heavy-duty poly bulk trucks
• Polyethylene utility trucks
• Polyethylene max utility trucks
• Polyethylene flare trucks
• Polyethylene extractor trucks
• Polyethylene linen transport trucks
• Polyethylene turnabout trucks
• Polyethylene garment delivery trucks 


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GSA Contract GS-07F-0174M

DOD Emall

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