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Laundry Loop with Sock Snare

Laundry Loop with Sock Snare
Laundry Loop with Sock Snare
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Laundry Loop with Sock Snare
SKU: ADS-L100040

  • The fastest, most efficient way to manage laundry for teams and large groups.
  • Clothing stays sorted as it washes and dries.
  • Holds 8-10 garments per loop.
  • Garments get cleaner, less wrinkled, and dry twice as fast than with laundry bags.
  • Dryer drums and garments last longer than with laundry pins.
  • Materials : Laundry Loops are made in the United States, using the finest materials available. The heat-resistant side release buckle is commercially stitched into the highest quality heavyweight polypropylene webbing. The cord lock on the Sock Snare contains a stainless steel spring, made to hold up to years of daily use.
  • ID Numbers : Identification numbers can be marked on the .75" x 4.25" label, which is sewn onto the Loop next to the side-release buckle, using a black Industrial Sharpie marker or a black Uni-Paint marker.
  • Many customers prefer using a white, fine-point Uni-Paint marker or a silver Metallic Sharpie marker and marking ID numbers directly unto side-release buckle. These numbers are easiest to locate quickly as garments come out of the dryer.
  • Original Laundry Loops are available in 18 colors to help keep track of teams or locker rooms. Sorting laundry has never been faster or more accurate.
  • Colors: White, Red, Yellow (neon), Green (Kelly), Old Gold (dark beige), Sky Blue, Brown, Pink, Black, Royal Blue, Grey, Navy Blue, Purple, Maroon, Turquoise, Athletic Gold, Olive Green (olive drab)
  • Made in the US.
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