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Super Seer Taktikos Crowd Control Riot Suit

Super Seer Taktikos Crowd Control Riot Suit
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The Super Seer Taktikos crowd control riot suit is made to provide maximum protection with unrestricted mobility, ideal for Mobile Field Force Units. The breathable lining, strategically placed perforations, and mesh fabric throughtout the suit allows air movement and ensures maximum ventilation even in the hottest climates.  The highest levels of protection combined with extremely lightweight materials creates advanced personal protective riot gear that is 20% lighter than comparable tactical riot suits. The Full-Flex joints located on the elbows and knees bend without restriction to allow full movement of arms and legs in all directions, without sacrificing officer safety. Quick release attachment points rotate 360° for ease of movement.

The Super Seer Taktikos Full Body Protective Anti-Riot Suit includes:
  • Chest Plate
  • Upper Arm and Shoulder Protector
  • Elbow and Forearm Protector
  • Thigh, Groin, Pelvis Protector
  • Knee, Shin, Ankle, Foot Protectors
  • Gear Carrying Bag

Upper Body Protection
The upper body and shoulder protection system are designed with a 3mm thick polypropylene polymer shell on the outside to provide the required protection against blunt force trauma. The anatomically curved front plate is made to offer optimal chest and abdominal protection. On the inside, a shock-absorbing padded layer, made of two materials - Thermopole and EVA foam - distributes the multi-shaped pads that provide easy mobility and fit to the body. Multiple Velcro strips allow for attachment of gear, or optional POLICE insignia. Optional Molle attachment straps are also available.

Elbow and Forearm Protection
The elbow and forearm protection are composed of hard-shell polypropylene with adjustable EVA foam on the inside and covered with polyester lining. The bicep protector is attached with adjustable polyacetal buckles and web strap, while both the elbow and forearm protector has elastic straps with hook and loop Velcro® to attach firmly with the arm. The elbow features a built-in articulating joint which mimics the natural bending movement of the elbow. With greater than 90 degrees of rotation, the Full-Flex joint allows for maximum unrestricted movement of the elbow and forearm while providing complete protection.

Mid Body Protection
For thigh, groin, and pelvis protection, the outer thigh shells are made of hard polypropylene plastic, while the internal side is covered with EVA foam, sewn onto the polyester fabric. Adjustable elastic straps attach to the pelvis and groin protectors, with the groin protector made of a hard plastic base with foam outside it attached with pelvis protector through Nylon web and polyacetal buckles.

Lower Body Protection
The knee, shin, and ankle joint protection consists of shells made of hard polypropylene plastic, with internally stitched EVA foam and polyester mesh, and elastic straps with hook and loop to perfect fit, detachable, and adjustable protector for the ankle joint and top of foot. The knee contains an innate joint that imitates the inherent bending motion of the human knee, permitting the greatest freedom of movement for both the knee and leg without any obstructions.
Characteristics - Maximum Full Body Protection, Lightweight, Breathable, Comfortable, Adjustable, Offers Unobstructed Natural Body Movement

Ergonomics - Impact Padding, Snap Clip Rotation Buckles, Full-Flex Joint, Inner Arm Protection, Chest Plate, Chest Pad, Body Cam Compatible

Optional Accessories - Anti-Riot Helmet, Ballistic Helmet, Riot Gloves, Laser Beam Protection, Body Shield, Carrying Bag, Cool Cap, Baton

Main Materials - Polypropolene Polymer Shell, Thermopole, EVA Foam, Polyester Mesh

Sizing - One Size Fits Most

Ventilation - Integrated Air Channels, Breathable Fabric


About Super SEER Corporation:
Super Seer manufacturers top quality helmets for law enforcement and corrections officers, including mounted police and motorcycle police helmets and faceshields, correctional helmets, riot and tactical helmets, and recreational touring helmets for motorcyclists. Seer helmets are also worn by particpants in extreme sports including rodeo riders, snowboarders, and others. Super Seer helmets are made in the US by hand with pride.

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Super Seer S-TAK Taktikos Riot Suit