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RSD Ranger Security BOSS III Body Orifice Security Scanner Chair

RSD Ranger Security BOSS III Body Orifice Security Scanner Chair
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Ranger Security Detector B.O.S.S II scanner chairs and B.O.S.S III scanner chairs are both fast, reliable, simple to use, non-intrusive scanning systems designed to detect small weapons or contraband metal objects concealed in abdominal cavity, rectal / vaginal cavity, nasal/oral cavities, and the shin area. High precision non-contact measurement sensors are housed in the frame of rugged Baltic Birch wood that is coated in RF resistant paint for improved EMI rejection. The sensors provide instantaneous, high sensitivity detection, and are capable of detecting most ferrous and non-ferrous metals or alloys.

B.O.S.S. III security scanners can be used to conduct a 100% inspection of inmates being inducted into a facility, for cell block inspections and searches of inmates being transported. Scanning inmates prior to transportation enhances security by ensuring that they have no handcuff keys or paper clips that could aid an escape. B.O.S.S. III is a powerful deterrent as it helps to limit the number of weapons that enter and circulate throughout the inmate population.

The Ranger BOSS III Chair is a 3-Zone Body Orifice Security Scanner designed as a safe, non-intrusive method of detecting objects concealed in body cavities. It is commonly used in corrections facilities to scan inmates for weapons and contraband objects hidden in all body cavities. Typical objects being targeted are razor blades, handcuff keys, paper clips, knives, shanks and tools, as well as metal foils and objects such as detonator caps. Razor blades are of particular concern as they are difficult to detect in all orientations with walk-through devices.

  • Easy to Operate and Maintain
  • Wheel Kit for easy mobility
  • From 1 to 99% sensitivity
  • Harmless to pregnant women
  • Three Zone Full Body Scan System
    • Abdominal Cavity Sensor
    • Anal/Vaginal Sensor
    • Shin Area Sensor
  • (Optional) Back Up Battery Kit

Applications: Airports and Seaports, Correctional Facilities, Arenas, Public Buildings, Private Buildings, Special Events, Loss Prevention, Nuclear Facilities, Transportation Terminals, Courthouses, Corporate Security, Government Buildings, Embassies, Police Departments, Prisons and Jails, Detention Facilities, Military Bases, Hospitals, Banks and Financial Institutions, Schools and Colleges, Hotels, Casinos, Power Plants, Research Sites, Sports Stadiums, Public Transportation, Public Landmarks, Factories and Warehouses, Radio and TV Broadcast Studios, Museums, Night Clubs 

About RSD Security Scanners
RSD Security Scanners specializes in high efficiency metal detectors for weapon screening and asset protection using the latest cutting edge technology. RSD Security Scanners, formerly known as Ranger Security Detectors, is a leader in the Loss Prevention, Weapons Screening and Security Detection fields.  

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