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Peerless Model 7002CHS High Security Waist Chain - Handcuffs at Side - Nickel Finish

Peerless Model 7002CHS High Security Waist Chain - Handcuffs at Side - Nickel Finish
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The Model 7002 High Security Waist Chain is designed for maximum security situations. The Model 7002 has one Model 710 High Security handcuff positioned at each hip allowing for either parallel arm or cross arm handcuffing technique. The Model 7002HS incorporates a Model 700 Chain Link Handcuff and a MEDECO high security lock cylinder. In addition, the Model 7002HS has a restricted key control system to prevent unauthorized key duplication. Multiple sets can be ordered with two different key options. The locks on each set can all be keyed alike or each set can be keyed different. The Model 7002HS comes with a spun rivet construction that increases the strength and durability at all rivet points. The Model 7002HS has a special heat treated steel chain with padlock rings to assure adjustment up to 54 in. waist. MEDECO products are known for their resistance to picking, drilling and other forms of attack.

  • Weight: 29 oz.
  • Material/Finish: Carbon Steel and Lexan
  • Supplied with 2 keys
  • A double lock activator
  • Minimum opening: 51 mm/2 inches
  • Minimum inside perimeter: 150 mm/5.9 inches
  • Maximum inside perimeter: 211 mm/8.3 inches
  • Maximum overall length: 236 mm/60 inches
  • Lifetime warranty for manufacture defects
  • Optional: Dead Bolt Security

Restrictions apply
1) It is our policy to ship certain law enforcement products, including this, directly to official government agencies and departments, not residences.

2) Purchase and possession of restraints by persons under 18 years of age is prohibited.

3) Export Requirements: This product is subject to all requirements of the U.S. export regulations as detailed in the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Any distribution, resale or transfer of this product outside of the U.S. and Canada requires a valid US Department of Commerce export license. No export is permitted without proper authorization. Diversion contrary to U.S. law prohibited.

About Peerless Handcuff Company
Peerless Handcuff Company has been committed to producing the finest restraints available since 1914, including chain link handcuffs, hinged handcuffs, leg irons, and waist and transport chains. Peerless offers a full range of metallic restraint products and accessories used by law enforcement, corrections facilities, police and sheriff's departments, and military agencies throughout the US and abroad.

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Peerless Handcuffs 7002CHS