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PDC 705 4" Dual Laminator for Inmate Wristbands

PDC 705 4" Dual Laminator for Inmate Wristbands
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PDC 705 Dual Laminator Machine laminates one Clincher IV, V, RFID, and Extra Wide wristband at a time. Wristbands are laminated individually by the facility to seal and protect inmate information, photos, and bar codes within the inmate identification wristband

  • PDC lamination products are used with Clincher IV and Clincher V wristbands.
  • 4" laminator machine includes dual heaters and multiple rollers to ensure strongest lamination
  • 4" pouch
  • Use with reusable carrier sleeves to secure and protect the wristband and inmate data during lamination (sold separately)
  • Color: Black

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PDC 705