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Pacific Concepts StrongLocker Hanging Garment Bag

Pacific Concepts StrongLocker Hanging Garment Bag
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The Pacific Concepts Strong Locker is a popular hanging storage bag for property room storage. The Strong Locker comes complete with a lockable solid brass zipper and velcro inside pocket and it features high strength nylon mesh construction, with a reinforced vinyl bottom for years of hard use.

  • Solid nylon mesh construction provides maximum ventilation.
  • Clear document sleeve and inside pocket with velcro.
  • Removable heavy gauge chrome plated metal hanger.
  • Reversible hanger allows pants to be hung outside the bag.
  • Tension strap to help maintain balance while the bag is hanging.
  • Nylon mesh provides maximum ventilation to property in bag.
  • Extra durable bound seams.
  • Designed for use with stationary racking
  • Heavy duty locking brass zipper for maximum security
  • Available sizes:
    • 22"W x 29"L with 3" gusset (overall length - 32")
    • 22"W x 36"L with 3" gusset (overall length - 39")
  • Color: Royal Blue

    About Inmate Property Room Storage Solutions
    Property room storage solutions often include soft hanging garment bags as a convenient and economical alternative to property storage boxes.  These hanging garment bags and soft organizer boxes are ideal for use in correctional and detention facilities such as prisons, jails, and detention centers in order to protect the clothing and other possessions of detainees and inmates.

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    Inmate Property Storage PCSL295961IMP / PCSL365961IMP Strong Locker Hanging Garment Bag