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MTJ American VS-SD Sealed Value Safe Behavioral Health Mattress

MTJ American VS-SD Sealed Value Safe Behavioral Health Mattress
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The MTJ American Sealed Value Safe Behavioral Health Mattress provides safe, clean, and affordable features to meet the bedding needs of your healthcare facility. The Sealed Value Safe Behavioral Health Mattress includes a specialized breathable vent that is resistant to water, oil, urine, blood, and head lice. The vent protects the core from foreign contaminants that can lead to degradation over time. The cover is easy to clean, resistant to liquid penetration, and has been treated with a special fungistatic agent to protect against fungal growth. The vinyl material combined with a polyester scrim lining makes a soft, crack-resistant cover to help the mattress last longer. The tear-resistant bonded seams on the cover add additional protection for the interior core. Available in 5, 6, 7, & 8” heights, choose the mattress thickness that is right for your facility and bed types. When you want a quality mattress that is hygienic, easy to clean, and comfortable, the Sealed Value Safe is the mattress for you.

  • Sanitary - The cover resists liquid, bodily fluids, medications, and is treated with a fungistatic agent to protect from fungal growth
  • Bonded Seams - Protects the polyester fiber core from foreign contaminants.
  • Comfort - The polyester fiber core provides better comfort & support than cotton core mattresses.
  • Fire Retardant - The fire retardant core Passed TB 129. The cover exceeds the requirements of Fed Std. 191, NFPA 701, CAL 117 and 16 CFR 1632
  • Recyclable - It is 100% recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly - No hazardous chemicals or additional ingredients are added during the processing of this product.
  • Core:
    • Thickness - 5”, 6”, 7”, or 8” options available.
    • Material - 100% Thermally Bonded Polyester Fiber
    • Standards - Meets and exceeds the requirements of California Technical Bulletin 129, California Technical Bulletin 603, 16 CFR Part 1632 & 1633
    • Flammability - Passed TB 129
  • Cover:
    • Material - Durable Green Vinyl that is highly water-resistant.
    • Bonded Seams - Seam strength in excess of 52 lbs/in 1-year warranty on the bonding of seams
    • Cleaning - Wipes clean with soap and water, or properly diluted disinfectant (final rinse with water to remove all residues) - do not launder
    • Flammability - Exceeds requirements of Fed Std. 191, NFPA 701, CAL 117 and 16 CFR 1632
    • Bacteria Resistant Properties - This mattress cover has been treated with a fungistatic agent to protect the product from fungal growth. The agent guards the mattress fabric against degradation from micro-organisms and/or bacteria. Passes: AATCC Method 30-1988, AATCC Method 147-1998, AATCC Method 100-1999
    • Allergen Info - Skin irritation test Draize dermal result, non-allergenic
  • Available sizes: 36"x80"x5", 36"x80"x6", 36"x80"x7", 36"x80"x8"
  • MRC - Mattress Recycling Council recycling fee applies by law to all mattresses shipped to CA, CT, OR, and RI.
  • Made in US
  • Ships fast - usually in stock


About MTJ American
MTJ American makes quality specialty mattresses that last for behavioral health care facilities, colleges, military housing, dormitories, correctional institutions, detention centers, homeless shelters, transitional housing facilities, and camps. All made in the US. MTJ American behavioral healthcare mattresses provide patients with the durability and safety they need while not compromising on comfort. MTJ American makes a range of mattresses for the behavioral and mental health industry that put the safety of the patient first. Whether your behavioral healthcare facility needs rip-proof covers to prevent self-harm, or bonded seams to prevent dangerous contraband from being hidden in the patient's mattress we can work with you to deliver a solution that best meets the needs of your behavioral/mental health care facility.

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MTJ American Sealed Value Safe Behavioral Health Mattress