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Licefreee! Gel Lice Treatment

Licefreee! Gel Lice Treatment
SKU: ADS-L500455

Tec Labs Licefreee Gel is a pesticide-free lice treatment avoiding potentially toxic chemicals such as permethrin or pyrethrum, commonly found in over-the-counter head lice products. Non-toxic head lice gel uses sodium chloride to kill head lice and lice eggs (nits). Because Licefreee is free of chemical pesticides, it is safe to use. Includes root applicator to assist in applying the head lice gel close to the scalp where lice lay their eggs. Also included is a stainless steel nit comb to effectively remove (dead) head lice and eggs.

  • Kills lice AND lice eggs (nits)
  • Helps relieve scalp itching and irritation
  • Licefreee Gel comes in an 8 oz bottle. Depending on hair thickness and length, one bottle of Licefreee Gel may be used for up to two head lice treatments.
  • Includes a root applicator to make lice treatment easy
  • Includes a patented nit comb
  • Homeopathic formula is free of potentially toxic chemicals
  • Safe to use after traditional pesticide products
  • Safe for children 6 months and older
  • Case packed 24 bottles
  • Must purchase in fill cases

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