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Humane Restraint 29N Two Piece Rail Safety Belts with Buckle

Humane Restraint 29N Two Piece Rail Safety Belts with Buckle
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Humane Restraint 2" wide nylon safety belts provide safety in situations such as a wheelchair, bed, gurney, or when used as a gait belt. These versatile, easy-to-clean belts are available in a variety of colors and lengths, and are fully adjustable.

  • Versatile and easy-to-clean
  • Cam buckle closure
  • Available colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Gray, Black
  • Available sizes: 29N-40 2"W x 40"L, 29N-50 2"W x 50"L, 29N-60 2"W x 60"L
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Made in the USA

About Humane Restraint Co. Inc.
Humane Restraint is a leading manufacturer of patient restraint systems and positioning aids that limit the ability of dangerous, combative, or unstable individuals to cause harm to themselves or staff members, and are available in a variety of configurations to meet the individual needs as determined by the behavioral health care facility.  Humane Restraints medical devices and aids are used in psychiatric hospitals; mental and behavioral health care facilities; substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation centers; corrections and detention centers; police stations; courtrooms; correctional facilities; and other public safety institutions concerned for safer work, rehabilitation, and therapeutic environments.

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Humane Restraint 29N-40, 29N-50, 29N-60