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DetectaChem Explosives Detection Cards

DetectaChem Explosives Detection Cards
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DetectaChem test cards are an integral part of the SEEKER and SEEKERe trace detection systems. DetectaChem's proprietary card test collection system is used to initiate a colorimetric reaction, a process related to color reactions, traditionally used in the field of molecular analysis. This liquid chemistry-based approach enables the Seeker to perform on-site diagnostic detection of narcotic materials, rapidly and cost-effectively.

Both the SEEKER and SEEKERe explosive trace detection systems rely on the use of these inexpensive consumable test cards. These cutting edge detection swipe cards are what allows the Seeker system to be so versatile and completely automated. Each Detection Card comes individually packaged in an airtight, waterproof, lightproof, metallic lined bag to ensure the card is ready whenever needed. Each bag has an easy to open perforated tear tabs.

  • Can be used for both bulk and trace detection
  • Proven proprietary colorimetrics
  • Integrated and optimized swab
  • Long shelf life
  • Sealed in MIL-SPEC rated bag
  • One time use to reduce cleaning maintenance
  • Detection of all general explosives groups in a single test
  • Detection of the growing threat of homemade explosives

Available test cards:

  • EXP - General Explosives Detection Card
  • HME - Home-Made Explosives Detection Card
  • PER - Perchlorates Detection Card
  • GLE - GSR-Lead Detection Card

Able to detect the following explosive chemicals:

  • Nitroaromatics: TNT, TNB, DNT, DNB, Tetryl
  • Nitramines: HMX, RDX, PETN, SEMTEX, EGDN, C4
  • Nitrate Esters: Pyrodex/Triple 8, Gunpowder, Nitroglycerin (NG)
  • Inorganic Nitrates: Ammonium Nitrate, Urea Nitrate, Potassium Nitrate, Black Powders
  • Chlorates: Sodium Chlorate, Potassium Chlorate KClO3
  • Peroxides: TATP, HMTD
  • Perchlorates: Sodium Perchlorate or Potassium Perchlorate KClO4

About DetectaChem
DetectaChem SEEKERe chemical detection systems offer Accuracy, Mobility and Reliability for threat detection for safety and security operations throughout the world. DetectaChem products are simple to use and maintain, yet sophisticated in design and function.

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Detectachem Test Cards EXP, HME, PER