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RSD Ranger Security BOSS II Body Orifice Security Scanner Chair

RSD Ranger Security BOSS II Body Orifice Security Scanner Chair
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Ranger Security Detectors B.O.S.S II scanner chairs and B.O.S.S III scanner chairs are both fast, reliable, simple to use, non-intrusive scanning systems designed to detect small weapons or contraband metal objects concealed in abdominal cavity, rectal / vaginal cavity, nasal/oral cavities, and the shin area. High precision non-contact measurement sensors are housed in the frame of rugged Baltic Birch wood that is coated in RF resistant paint for improved EMI rejection. The sensors provide instantaneous, high sensitivity detection, and are capable of detecting most ferrous and non-ferrous metals or alloys.

  • Helps to Eliminate Stabbings and Slashings - B.O.S.S. security scanner chairs minimize the need for unpleasant intrusive manual searches and increases the safety of officers and inmates. Because the measurement method is non-intrusive, it eliminates the liability and safety issues associated with manual searches. It also saves the time and expense involved in X-raying a person suspected of concealing contraband metal. 
  • Mobility Increases the Deterrence Factor - the B.O.S.S. II is equipped with wheels, allowing it to be moved to cell blocks and other locations for snap inspections. It can be moved by tilting the chair backwards and wheeling it like a wheelbarrow.
  • Fast, Safe, Efficient Screening - The person being screened simply positions his / her chin near the oral sensor and then sits momentarily in the chair. The entire procedure takes just a few seconds. Magnetic field sensors housed in the seat of the chair and the oral sensor assembly automatically interrogate for the presence of metal. Audio and visual alarms are activated when metal is carried into the magnetic field. An alarm remains activated for the duration that an object is within the low intensity magnetic field.
  • Unique Measurement Technique - The measurement method is unique in so much that it detects ferrous and non-ferrous objects that are either stationary or moving. Eddy current field detection sensors are installed within the chair assembly. The geometry of the chair and oral sensor configuration provides tight magnetic coupling between the sensor and a concealed metal object. Because of the excellent geometry and the combination of dynamic and non-motion detection techniques, small objects are more reliably detected than with a walk-through or hand held detector. 

Applications: Prisons, jails and detention centers; Customs and Border Patrol facilities; Precious metal mines and refineries; Coin counting facilities; Jewelry and watch manufacturing; Computer component manufacturing

About RSD Security Scanners
RSD Security Scanners specializes in high efficiency metal detectors for weapon screening and asset protection using the latest cutting edge technology. RSD Security Scanners, formerly known as Ranger Security Detectors, is a leader in the Loss Prevention, Weapons Screening and Security Detection fields.  

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