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Non-Toxic UV Blacklight Stamp Ink

Non-Toxic UV Blacklight Stamp Ink
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This Clear Blue Readmission Ink is non toxic UV black light ink for hand stamping. Formulated to go on clear and glow brightly under long wave black light. The mark is invisible to the naked eye allowing event attendees to return to work and school without a "been at a bar" marking on their hand. You can make thousands of marks from a single bottle making it very economical. This ink is also chlorine resistant and can last in swimming situations.

  • Non-Flammable and Non-Toxic ink
  • Goes on absolutely water clear so no one can see it
  • Long lasting invisible ink
  • Makes an invisible mark that fluoresces a bright blue under black lights
  • Made for use with Black Lights and UV LED's
  • Simple to use, just pour and stamp.
  • Ready To Use - No Mixing
  • Spout cap for easy pouring
  • Economical pint size (16 oz.) bottle (also available in smaller and gallon bottles)


  • Government facilities such as correctional institutions, detention centers, prisons, jails
  • Theme parks, clubs, dance halls, sports events, school events, private parties, race tracks, movie screenings, outdoor events, water parks, any situation where you need to control people either for security or revenue loss prevention. This is a simple, portable, and inexpensive way to control paying patrons leaving and returning to an event.

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