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Licefreee! Everyday Shampoo

Licefreee! Everyday Shampoo
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Homeopathic Licefreee Everyday! lice shampoo can help avoid head lice reinfestation when used daily.

Often after using a head lice treatment on the family, the biggest concern parents have is reinfestation of lice and nits (lice eggs). The idea of having to repeat the lice treatment, clean the home, and notify the school and other parents is overwhelming. That s where our head lice shampoo comes in, to help you on your quest to become lice free!

With daily use, Licefreee Everyday! can be used as a head lice maintenance shampoo:

  • After head lice treatment to help avoid lice reinfestation
  • On all family members when head lice has come home with the kiddos
  • When notified of a head lice outbreak at school

Treating lice doesn t have to be a hassle! With the Licefreee brand of non-toxic head lice products you can take care of the problem quickly, easily, and with trusted, chemical-pesticide-free lice treatments.

If your child has become infested with head lice, treat with one of our non-toxic head lice treatments: Licefreee Spray! or Licefreee! Gel. After treatment, follow up with Licefreee Everyday! head lice shampoo for two weeks to help avoid a reinfestation of lice or nits (lice eggs).

In addition to head lice treatment & follow-up with a head lice shampoo, the next important step to complete in the process to becoming lice free is a thorough cleaning of the home including:

  • Clothing & bedding
  • Linens
  • Stuffed animals
  • Hair care items (brushes, combs, hair clips, head bands, etc.)

For more detailed instructions of how to clean and remove head lice from these items please the resource center.

Licefreee Everyday! Shampoo comes in an 8 oz bottle

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