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Evac+Chair Rescue Sheet

Evac+Chair Rescue Sheet
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The Rescue Sheet is widely accepted as a vital aid in the rapid evacuation of non-ambulatory patients during emergency situations. The Rescue Sheet is located permanently and unobtrusively under the mattress and does not interfere with bed making. The patient is rescued with their bed mattress to offer protection under the patient, especially when going down stairs.

  • Long pulling straps
  • Strong easy slide material
  • Rubber side panels
  • Reinforcing cross straps
  • Installation label
  • Plastic strap buckles
  • Cross strap press studs
  • Pulling strap press studs
  • 660lbs Weight capacity
  • Fits all bed models and mattresses
  • Heavy duty construction for maximum efficiency
  • Designed to enable one or more persons to evacuate a person in their mattress during an emergency


About Evac+Chair of North America
EVAC+CHAIR is the original Emergency Evacuation Staircase Chair. It is simple to use, lightweight and easy to deploy and maneuver. Emergency evacuation equipment and stair transport chairs are critical in emergency situations for people with disabilities.  Wall-mounted and discreet, evacuation chairs are ideal for use in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, skyscrapers and high-rise buildings.  Ask about their lifetime warranty.

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