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Evac+Chair 220M ResQMe Evacuation Sled

Evac+Chair 220M ResQMe Evacuation Sled
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The ResQme is the most durable, portable, light weight and economical evacuation sled on the market. ResQme can be used for both small children and large adults. ResQme includes a built in pillow for comfort, securing straps, convenient pull straps, and a base board to protect the person from hitting obstacles when going around corners. The ResQme allows the efficient, fast, safe and easy evacuation of a person down hallways, steps and to a area of safety.

  • 2 person operation
  • Long pulling straps
  • Angled side board flaps
  • Heavy duty hook and loop
  • Adjustable pillow
  • Glideable plastic board
  • 440 lbs weight capacity 


About Evac+Chair of North America
EVAC+CHAIR is the original Emergency Evacuation Staircase Chair. It is simple to use, lightweight and easy to deploy and maneuver. Emergency evacuation equipment and stair transport chairs are critical in emergency situations for people with disabilities.  Wall-mounted and discreet, evacuation chairs are ideal for use in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, skyscrapers and high-rise buildings.  Ask about their lifetime warranty.

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Evac+Chair 220-ME