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Cortech Kangaroo Cart

Cortech Kangaroo Cart
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The Kangaroo Cart is a rotationally molded plastic delivery cart that provides unmatched durability and versatility. The Cart has a 1000 lb. load rating/15 bushel capacity. The Cart has both push and pull handles on both ends, and has a drain plug for easy cleaning. There are also three variations of the Cart; Flame retardant(Passes Cal 133), General Use, and a Recycled material. The Cart is perfect for laundry, garbage collection, material handling, or use as a janitor cart. The Kangaroo Cart is manufactured for use in any intense use or high abuse application.

The Kangaroo Cart is perfect for indoor or outdoor use:

  • Laundry Collection Delivery.
  • Garbage Collection.
  • Recycling Bin.
  • General Delivery Cart Material Handling.
  • Food Processing.
  • Beverage Service Container (Manufactured with insulated material).
  • Janitor Cart.

The Kangaroo Cart features:

  • Heavy Duty - .200 Nominal Wall Thickness.
  • 1,000 lbs. Load Rating/15 Bushel Capacity.
  • Heavy Duty Casters Secured with Stainless Steel, Tamper-Proof Hardware.
  • Push Pull Handles On Both Sides.
  • Handles Accommodate Utility Use - Hanging Trigger Spray Bottle Holders / Storage of Can Liners, Cleaning Instruments, etc.
  • Drain Plug for Easy Cleaning.
  • Handles and Bottom can be Field-Drilled for Additional Drain Holes.
  • Manufactured Three Ways: Flame Retardant (Passes Cal 133), General Use, and Recycled Material. Call for FR test results.
  • Span Design on Sides And Bottom for Increased Rigidity.
  • No Wood or Metal Components.
  • Available In Green, Blue, Grey, White or Economic Repro Black. Custom Colors Available.
  • Cart codes: CC200 Gray Flame Retardant, CC783 Green Flame Retardant, CC680 Blue Flame Retardant, CC280 Gray General Use, CC720 Green General Use, CC620 Blue General Use, CC2 White General Use, CC116 Repro Black Recycled
  • Lid codes: CC200L Gray Flame Retardant, CC783L Green Flame Retardant, CC680L Blue Flame Retardant, CC280L Gray General Use, CC720L Green General Use, CC620L Blue General Use, CC2L White General Use, CC116L Repro Black Recycled
  • The Kangaroo Cart Carries a 10 Year Warranty.

About Cortech USA by Correctional Technologies:
Cortech USA (Correctional Technologies) manufactures products that are exceptionally durable, designed for use in compassionate and normative behavioral healthcare, corrections, law enforcement, heavy use commercial and industrial environments, parks and recreation, schools, universities, hospitals, emergency and homeless shelters, and other institutions and facilities where safety and durability matter. Cortech products are ideal for extreme use and intensive use environments.

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Cortech USA CC200, CC783, CC680, CC280, CC720, CC620, CC2, CC116