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Danmar 9820 Soft Shell Protective Padded Helmet

Danmar 9820 Soft Shell Protective Padded Helmet
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This lightweight helmet is made from shock-absorbent foam that is fully ventilated. It’s coated in vinyl, so it’s easy to clean using just soap and water. With no hardware in the foam, there’s no danger of the face connecting with anything hard or sharp. 

  • Soft shell protective helmets reduce head injuries and feature holes for ventilation.
  • Adjustable chin strap with snap closure for fast application and removal.
  • A wide range of custom options are available.
  • Colors: Pink. Casa Tan. Royal Blue, Black
  • Sizes: XXS-2XL

About Danmar Products
Danmar makes Special Products for Special Needs, including specialized equipment used in therapeutic and recreational settings to enhance function as well as comfort.

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Danmar Products 9820 Soft Shell Foam Helmet