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Pacific Concepts 8" Plastic Pull-Tight Security Seals

Pacific Concepts 8" Plastic Pull-Tight Security Seals
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These secure locking seals are made of polypropylene plastic, the strongest available in its class.  Great for use with Inmate Property Bags, Inmates Valuables Wallets and Pouches, as well as many other applications.

  • 8" length (also available in 6" length)
  • Locking seals are randomly numbered for tampered evident security.
  • The seals are sequentially numbered in strips of 10 each, numbering order follows throughout the case. The beginning number is random.
  • Embossed and indented numbering (into seal tab) is alteration-proof and impossible to be forged. Offers greater security coupled with greater visibility.
  • Colors: PCPTS819 Green, PCPTS833 Blue, PCPTS847 Orange, PCPTS857 Red, PCPTS867 Yellow 
  • Packed 1000 per case.
  • Price is per case.

About Pacific Concepts
Pacific Concepts was the first company specializing solely in storage solutions for the hospitality and corrections industries and Pacific Concept’s storage solution designs have become industry norms in soft storage for hospitality, corrections facilities, detention centers and prisons. Pacific Concepts is the industry leader in property room storage, in-cell storage and evidence storage solutions that maximize both space and efficiency.

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Inmate Property Storage - PCPTS8 Pull-Tight Security Seals