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Men's Fleece Sweatpants

Men's Fleece Sweatpants
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These quality activewear sweatpants are often used as inmate clothes or release and discharge clothing.

  • Mediumweight fleece fabric made of cotton and polyester blend, approximately 8 oz. (material may vary).
  • Covered elastic waistband and cuffs.
  • Drawcord.
  • No pockets.
  • Sizes S-2XL in stock (available up to 10XL).
  • Available in many colors, including Ash Grey, Sport Grey, Black, Red, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Forest Green and more.
  • Specs may vary.

About Release & Discharge Clothing
Inmate release and discharge clothing (R&D clothing) is used by jails, prisons, detention centers, corrections facilities, and federal correctional institutions for inmates and detainees, as well as for prisoner release and discharge clothing. Discharged inmates and prisoners are typically issued release pants (often denim jeans or fleece sweatpants), a short sleeve shirt, release shoes or sneakers, fleece sweatshirt or seasonal jacket or coat, a belt, and a duffel bag for transporting the released inmate's belongings.

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Prison Release and Discharge Clothing Fleece Sweat Pants