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No-Shank NSPC-1001 Super Flex Pencil (case)

No-Shank NSPC-1001 Super Flex Pencil (case)
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No-Shank safety products are clear, flexible, and unbreakable, which helps promote greater security by removing the opportunity to create shanks or hide contraband.

  • Super flexible - you can wrap it around your finger - but rigid enough to write with
  • Nominal length 4
  • The writing center is a marking polymer that writes like a #2 lead. Writes 1/3 more than a conventional pencil. Sharpens like conventional pencils
  • Body in 4 assorted colors
  • Will not support electricity nor will it support flame
  • Packaged 1,000 pencils per case
  • Assembled in USA


About No-Shank, Inc.
No-Shank Inc. makes safety products for use by inmates and prisoners in detention facilities, prisons, jails, and federal and state correctional institutions, and by patients at behavioral health care facilities and psychiatric hospitals. No-Shank security products are designed to target safety problems at correctional facilities where corrections officers and inmates are at risk of injury. No-Shank safety products are an excellent choice for high security areas and suicide watches.

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No-Shank NSPC-1001 Fliexible Safety Pencils