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Norix MCX4 Comfort Shield Custody Sealed Seam Mattress - Black Max

Norix MCX4 Comfort Shield Custody Sealed Seam Mattress - Black Max
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Norix Comfort Shield Custody Series Sealed Seam Mattresses are Norix Furniture's detention grade mattresses, made especially for correctional environments. Norix Custoday Series mattresses feature 100% sealed seams that are radio frequency welded and guaranteed not to break for enhanced hygiene, security and durability in prisons, jails, corrections and detention facilities.

  • Detention-grade, 100% sealed seam construction
  • Reversible mattress with integrated, 2-sided pillow
  • Durable polyurethane cover materials with reinforcing ripstop scrim are fluid resistant
  • Easy to clean for greater infection control
  • 11 oz. densified polyester core
  • Breathable vent system
  • Durable cover materials are fluid resistant
  • Extremely durable, polyurethane coated heavy-duty cover with reinforcing ripstop scrim
  • Inverted sealed seam reinforced with maximum security stitching
  • Super max construction: 2X seam strength and 5X break strength
  • Black Max cover: The Black Max mattress is engineered with advanced security made for the most demanding environments.The extremely durable, three-ply polyurethane-coated cover features a reinforced rip-stop scrim
  • Features include: ripstop sealed stitched seam, fire retardant, fluid resistant, anti-microbial, bedbug resistant
  • Mattress ships economically with Norix beds if ordered together (beds sold separately)
  • MRC - Mattress Recycling Council recycling fee applies by law to all mattresses shipped to CA, CT, OR, and RI.
  • Made To Order (MTO) [non-cancellable and non-returnable]
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Model # Product Description Mattress Size Mattress Color Weight
MCX4-2567 Sealed Seam Fiber Mattress 25" x 67" x 4.5" Black 11.5 lb
MCX4-2575 Sealed Seam Fiber Mattress 25" x 75" x 4.5" Black 13.0 lb
MCX4-2775 Sealed Seam Fiber Mattress 27" x 75" x 4.5" Black 14.0 lb
MCX4-3075 Sealed Seam Fiber Mattress 30" x 75" x 4.5" Black 16.0 lb
MCX4-2977 Sealed Seam Fiber Mattress 29" x 77" x 4.5" Black 15.5 lb
MCX4-3079 Sealed Seam Fiber Mattress 30" x 79" x 4.5" Black 16.5 lb
MCX4-2580 Sealed Seam Fiber Mattress 25" x 80" x 4.5" Black 14.0 lb
MCX4-2780 Sealed Seam Fiber Mattress 27" x 80" x 4.5" Black 15.0 lb
MCX4-3080 Sealed Seam Fiber Mattress 30" x 80" x 4.5" Black 17.0 lb

About Norix Furniture:

Norix Group specializes in providing high quality, intensive-use institutional furniture designed specifically for behavioral health care facilities, hospitals, jails, prisons, detention centers, and other challenging markets. Norix humanizes behavioral and correctional facilities, while building extreme durability and security into each piece of institutional furniture so it stands up to correctional grade use. Norix furniture is as tough as your prison or detention grade environment, yet safe for trustees and staff. Anchortex supplies the complete line of Norix furniture for patient rooms, classrooms, inmate cells, day rooms, lobbies, intake areas, chapels, dining halls, outdoor/recreation, contact visitation and video-visitation areas, as well as public safety furniture for police and fire stations that looks good and stands up to hard use. Norix meets or exceeds testing requirements for intensive-use institutional and detention grade furniture, and the everyday test of use at healthcare and detention institutions by people who don't necessarily have the best interests of the institutional furniture in mind.

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Non Returnable This item is non-cancellable and non-returnable.
Norix Furniture MCX4