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Cortech Ventura Acrylic Mirror

Cortech Ventura Acrylic Mirror
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The Cortech Ventura Mirror is a one piece 100% Acrylic Mirror, designed and manufactured for applications where abuse or environmental conditions result in broken or unsightly mirrors. The Mirror is easy to install, and is highly resistant to breakage. The acrylic design gives the mirrors the look of glass, without having the same fragility and dangers. Each mirror comes with tamper-proof hardware and recessed mounting holes for secure attachment. The Cortech Ventura Mirror is designed for use in Correctional Facilities, Behavioral and Mental Health Facilities, Schools and Universities, Residential Institutions, Public Safety Facilities and any intense use application.

  • Made from 100% virgin acrylic
  • Easy to install
  • Highly resistant to breakage
  • The highest quality mirrored surface
  • One piece design with integral frame
  • 236 nominal thickness
  • Tamperproof fasteners - 10 torx head screws with center pin reject (included)
  • Recessed mounting holes
  • Available sizes: 11"x 15", 15"x 20", and 18"x 24"
  • Ships with abrasion / scratch resistant backing material to protect mirror surface
  • Manufactured to ISO Quality Standards in the USA

About Cortech USA:
Cortech USA (Correctional Technologies) manufactures products that are exceptionally durable, designed for use in compassionate and normative behavioral healthcare, corrections, law enforcement, heavy use commercial and industrial environments, parks and recreation, schools, universities, hospitals, emergency and homeless shelters, and other institutions and facilities where safety and durability matter. Cortech products are ideal for extreme use and intensive use environments.

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