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Moduform FR9SF Fortress Platform Deck Bed

Moduform FR9SF Fortress Platform Deck Bed
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Moduform Fortress Room Furniture was engineered to remove many of the risks inherent in patient bedrooms. Solid red oak was chosen as the primary material not only for strength, but to help create a less threatening and more comfortable space due its natural characteristics.

Applications: Moduform's Fortress furniture is ideal for behavioral health facilities as well as human service applications, including some drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, homeless shelters, housing for abused and battered women, and transitional housing.

  • Details:
    • Cabinet: Solid planked red oak side rails, headboard and footboard.
    • Deck: High-impact particle board sleep surface with stiffeners and finished with UV cured resin for easy cleaning.
    • Joinery: internal steel farm; tamper-resistant hardware
    • All wood components finished with UV cured resin inside and out.
    • UV resin is most durable and environmentally friendly finish available with its 100% pressure applied transfer rate.
    • UV resin is impervious to discoloration, most food and beverage stains, abrasions from paper, books and writing instruments.
    • UV resin will stand tough against harsh cleaning solvents and even nail polish remover.
    • Dimensions: 37.5"d x 82"w x 20.75"h, 177 lbs
    • Other platform bed models and features also available
  • Available options
    • Headboard extension to 29" high
    • Plywood deck with added stiffeners; UV resin finished
    • Floor mounting tabs
    • Caulking - factory applied perimeter sealant
    • Tamper-proof screws
  • Available colors: Natural Oak (standard finish), Cherry Oak, Dark Mocha Oak, Light Cherry Oak, Stone Oak

About Moduform:
Moduform provides the highest quality dorm room furniture, library furniture, behavioral health furniture, military and gsa furniture and more. Moduform furniture combines high value, ruggedness and reliability. Whether you are a government agency, a business, or a college looking for residence hall furniture, Moduform offers its extensive experience manufacturing high use furniture for heavy use applications. Moduform delivers quality intensive use furniture to universities, jails, libraries, colleges, military bases, hospitals, libraries and detention centers all over the US that meets the exact style and functional characteristics that each facility demands, making sure that our customers get the very best quality intensive use furniture to make your decor look as good as it works.

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Moduform FR9SF Fortress Platform Deck Bed