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OraLine 33820 12 yd Unwaxed Dental Floss (case)

OraLine 33820 12 yd Unwaxed Dental Floss (case)
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  • 12 Yard Nylon Un-Waxed Dental Floss
  • The unwaxed dental floss has a rougher surface designed to do a better job removing plaque
  • In Translucent Dark Blue patient size dispenser
  • Convenient size travels anywhere with you.
  • 144 floss dispensers per case

About OraLine Secure Care Products
OraLine Secure Care Products is dedicated to presenting its quality dental care products in clear, flexible packaging designed for safety in correctional institutions. OraLine's goal is to provide its customers with high quality products that insure proper inmate health and staff security, at affordable prices.

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OraLine 33820