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Moduform MTF3675V Vinyl Mattress for Behavioral Health Care and Transition Shelters

Moduform MTF3675V Vinyl Mattress for Behavioral Health Care and Transition Shelters
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Moduform s vinyl innerspring mattress is made from non-allergenic, non-irritating, durable and tear resistant double sided coating. Superior fluid resistance, combats fungal and bacterial growth. Comfortable, self-deodorizing and flame retardant. This mattress solution works with all Moduform sinuous wire bunking and lofting beds. Fits all Moduform platform beds but requires a foundation for adjustable open frame steel bed frames.

    • Vinyl cover, 8.5 ounce weight laminated with fire retardent barrier - water-resistant
    • Innerspring core uses heat tempered high carbon steel and features a five turn coil
    • Top and bottom insulators are 100% polyester 1.5 oz pad wrapped around the edges
    • 1 thick layer of high density foam pad on top for added comfort.
    • 13 gauge wire used for superior support and flexing
    • Border and lacing helical s are made with 17 gauge high carbon wire
    • Entire perimeter is 6 gauge border wire
    • Made To Order (MTO) [not returnable]
    • Recycling fee applies by law to all mattresses shipped to CA, RI, and CT.
Moduform Part No. Description Size Weight
MTF3675V Mattress | Regular 75"d / 36"w / 8"h 45lbs
MTF3680V Mattress | Long 80"d / 36"w / 8"h 50lbs
MTF3875V Mattress | Wide 75"d / 38"w / 8"h 65lbs
MTF3880V Mattress | Long 80"d / 38"w / 8"h 70lbs
MTF5475V Full Mattress 75"d / 54"w / 8"h 75lbs
MTF5480V Full Mattress | Long 80"d / 54"w / 8"h 75lbs
MTF6080V Queen Mattress 80"d / 60"w / 8"h 75lbs

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Moduform MTF3675V