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Inmate Release Shoes

Inmate Release Shoes
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Inmate release and discharge clothing and footwear (R&D clothing) is used by jails, prisons, detention centers, corrections facilities, and federal, state, and local correctional institutions for inmates and detainees, as well as for prisoner release and discharge clothing. The style of shoes issued to released detainees and prisoners typically varies according to availability, as well as the facility's requirements or preferences.

Because of the nature and purpose of inmate release shoes, most facilities do not require strict specifications to be met. Many facilities use the general type of shoes shown in the picture above as release shoes, while other facilities use canvas sneakers, leather sneakers, casual shoes, or leather dress shoes.

About Inmate and Detainee Footwear
Inmate footwear is used by detainees and inmates at detention centers, county jails, state prisons, federal corrections facilities, work release programs, community correction centers, and other other correctional institutions.  Many detention and corrections facilities require their inmate footwear to meet rigid specifications, which vary from one correctional institution to another.  Inmate boots and shoes may be used as inmate work boots, prisoner release shoes and detainee transfer footwear.





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