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Steele Canvas 92 Utility Truck - Laundry Cart

Steele Canvas #92, #92-S
Steele Canvas 92 Permanent Style Utility Truck - Laundry Cart
SKU: ADS-S100802
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Steele Canvas 92 Permanent Style Utility Truck - Laundry Cart

Steele Canvas Style No. 92 Utility truck with permanent sewn-on liner and standard swivel casters for easy maneuvering. Liners can be removed and replaced in the future with a rope-on replacement liner to extend the useful life of this laundry utility truck.

By far the most popular and versatile product of the Steele Canvas line, the 92 Series is the ultimate utility truck. Handles at both ends are riveted around the steel rim to provide maximum strength, making them ideal for maintenance service, construction/demolition and retail warehouses. Each unit comes on four swivel non-marking Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) casters (other caster types and configurations available upon request).

  • Permanent (sewn-on) liner.
  • Available in your choice of Fabric and Color:
    • Traditional natural white canvas - recommended for hotels, gyms, locker rooms and health clubs.
    • Steeletex VCN (vinyl coated nylon) - Steele Canvas's tough, waterproof material resists tearing, punctures, and abrasions. The standard color for Steeletex VCN is GREY, but a variety of colors is available such as red, cyan, light blue, blue, orange, yellow, black, white, and brown.
    • Mesh see-through liner with ropeless velcro attachment - ideal for Corrections Facilities, Prisons, Jails, Detention Centers and other high security institutions.
  • Standard plain steel frame (optional Galvanized Plated Steel Frame - recommended for wet or moist environments as it lasts longer and won't rust as quickly.)
  • Standard Casters: four swivel non-marking Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) casters on each corner for easy maneuvering. (Other caster types and configurations are available upon request.)
  • Hardwood base for stability and durability.
  • Cart covers and basket lifts available (sold separately).
  • Made to order (Non-Returnable) : allow 2-4 weeks typical lead time
  • Made in the US.
Size - Bushel Capacity Internal Dimensions
(length x width x depth)
External Dimensions
(length x width x height)
Shipping Weight
6 30" x 20" x 20½" 31½" x 21½" x 26½" 28 lbs.
8 34" x 22" x 23" 35½" x 23½" x 29" 34 lbs.
10 36" x 24" x 25" 37½" x 25½" x 31" 36 lbs.
12 36" x 26" x 27½" 37½" x 27½" x 33½" 39 lbs.
14 40" x 28" x 27½" 41½" x 29½" x 33½" 45 lbs.
16 40" x 28" x 30" 41½" x 29½" x 36" 46 lbs.
18 42" x 30" x 30" 43½" x 31½" x 36" 49 lbs.
20 44" x 32" x 33" 45½" x 33½" x 36" 54 lbs.
Sp. 20 48" x 32" x 30" 49½" x 33½" x 36" 58 lbs.
Sp. 24 54" x 34" x 30" 55½" x 35½" x 37" 60 lbs.

About Steele Canvas Basket Corp:

Steele Canvas Basket utility trucks, laundry baskets, laundry hampers, and storage bags are made from your choice of sturdy natural cotton canvas or waterproof anti-bacterial vinyl-coated nylon, available in many colors. Steele Canvas laundry trucks and laundry carts are used for hauling supplies or debris on work sites, material handling in manufacturing and recycling facilities, moving mail in post offices and corporate mailrooms, or moving laundry and other materials in hospitals, industrial laundries, correctional and detention facilities and other institutional environments.

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Anchortex is a leading supplier of correctional and institutional products to prisons, jails, and detention facilities across the U.S.

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GSA Contract GS-07F-0174M

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