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Laundry Baskets and Trucks

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Open Laundry Baskets, Laundry Carts, and Laundry Trucks

These rugged and durable laundry carts are often used for the storage and transport of dry goods and fabrics, in post offices and mail rooms, laundries and dry cleaners, retail stores, warehouses and garment factories, on construction /demolition sites, for janitorial services and all purpose material handling. They are ideal for industrial, institutional, and correctional laundry rooms.

Our high quality canvas, VCN vinyl-coated-nylon, and polyethylene baskets, trucks, hampers, buggies, bins and canvas bags are used by prison laundries nationwide. Our canvas trucks, canvas hampers, polyethylene trucks, and polyethylene hampers are a reliable solution to materials handling needs for federal and state prisons, county jails, community corrections centers, and other detention facilities using Bureau of Prisons guidelines. We provide quotes for any size of correctional or institutional facility; contact our sales department to speak to a sales representative for a quantity quote for your facility, including quotes on the following:

• Canvas laundry baskets
• Canvas laundry hampers
• Wood covered canvas hampers
• Elevated hamper baskets
• Canvas Post Office hampers 
• Canvas extractor trucks
• Canvas flatwork ironer trucks
• Sheet feed canvas trucks
• Slant front canvas truck
• Narrow aisle canvas truck
• Square canvas soiled linen truck
• Square canvas basket
• Square canvas truck
• Round canvas basket
• Round canvas truck

• Wood covered utility trucks

• Wood covered canvas hampers

• Wood covered extractor trucks

• Wood covered canvas trucks

• Wood covered canvas baskets


• Wood covered laundry baskets

• Square Steeletex basket
• Square Steeletex truck
• Round Steeletex basket
• Round Steeletex truck 
• Steeletex laundry hampers
• Elevated hamper baskets
• Steeletex Post Office trucks
• Steeletex parcel post bag 
• Steeletex extractor trucks
• Steeletex flatwork ironer trucks
• Sheet feed Steeletex trucks
• Slant front Steeletex truck
• Narrow aisle Steeletex truck
• Square Steeletex soiled linen truck
• Canvas parcel post bag 
• Steeletex laundry baskets


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GSA Contract GS-07F-0174M

DOD Emall

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