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Pacific Concepts StrongBox Soft Property Storage Box

Pacific Concepts StrongBox Soft Property Storage Box
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The reusable soft-sided StrongBox property box by Pacific Concepts was designed to provide plenty of secure storage for personal property items and evidence. The StrongBox is soft sided and compatible with most shelving type storage systems, and can be used for under-bed storage as well. The Pacific Concepts StrongBox can be stored flat when not in use.

  • Lockable for security during storage or transport or property.
  • Clear document sleeve on the front side allows for instant record review.
  • Heavy duty nylon web handles at each end.
  • Self-repairing Nylon zipper can be secured with numbered seals or pad locks.
  • Nylon reinforced vinyl tarpaulin (meets California Fire Marshall code NFPA 701).
  • Available in 3 colors and Small or Large size:
    • PCSBX103461IMP StrongBox 10x16.25x11" Royal Blue
    • PCSBX103457NYIMP StrongBox 10x16.25x11" Red
    • PCSBX103467IMP StrongBox 10x16.25x11" Yellow
    • PCSBX163461IMP StrongBox 16x26x16" Royal Blue
    • PCSBX163467IMP StrongBox 16x26x16" Yellow
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