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Sundstrom Safety SR 510 P100-HE Rated Particulate Filter

Sundstrom Safety SR 510 P100-HE Rated Particulate Filter
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The SR 510 P100 HE high-efficiency rated particulate filter is of the mechanical type and protects against all types of particles (dust, fumes, fog, sprays, asbestos), as well as bacteria, viruses and radioactive dust. The filter efficiency is >99.997 % meaning that the air is 33,000 times cleaner on the backside of the filter media than in the front. The active filter area is 201 square inches (1300 cm2) which generates an extended usage time. The SR 510 can also be used with all Sundstrom Air Purifying Respirators (sold separately).

  • Part No: H02-1321
  • Model description: SR 510 Particulate filter P100 / HE
  • Color: Magenta
  • Shelf life (years): 10
  • Country of manufacturing: Sweden
  • Height (mm): 31
  • Diameter (mm) 107
  • Price is per piece. Packed 50 pieces per case - sold only in full case quantities.
  • Use with Sundstrom Safety filter cartridges to remove chemical contaminants (sold separately.)

About Sundstrom Safety:
Sundstrom Safety is a world leader in respiratory masks, filters, and other respiratory safety devices. Sundstrom respiratory protection equipment is simple, effective, and comfortable to wear. Sundstrom respiratory protection masks and devices are used to prevent workers from breathing in harmful air contaminants.

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Sundstrom Safety AB H02-1321